Cup of Ginger Tea, Anyone?


How effective is the power of positive thinking in health?  Many years ago a Doctor said, “It is when a man has prostate trouble, not if he has it.” Is every man in the world really just a prostate problem waiting to happen? Is there a way to ward off the prostate demon? Cup of ginger tea anyone?

In the Wall Street Journal, July 12, 2011 an article stated “ A study of 700 patients found cold sufferers who get a pill, regardless of what it contains, have less severe symptoms and recover a bit sooner than patients who don’t take pills.  Researchers concluded that there can be a placebo effect with the common cold, particularly in people who believe in a therapy but the effect is limited and not large.”

An anxious patient paid close attention as his doctor, followed by a group of interns, walked to the heart monitor, pointed to the screen and asked the students if they observed the healthy gallumping of his heart? All the students nodded gravely and the class moved en mass to the next room. This very ill man mulled over his healthy gallumping heart and smiled, relaxed and concluded he was not as sick as he thought he was. Healthy was the word that stuck in his head. A healthy heartbeat surely meant he was strong enough to recover. Instead of dying as the doctor fully predicted, the patient recovered and returned home.

So, here is my take away. On more than one health website ginger root is purported to have remarkably positive benefits for men.

It is purported to strengthen and possibly eliminate prostate trouble.

Seems pretty easy to hand my husband a cup of ginger tea every night.  Would his continued health be because of the act of loving concern in a cup of tea, or the ginger in the tea, or the belief the tea will make a difference or yes to all the above? Tonight we drink tea.

This post has the goal of strengthening families

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